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Carmen & Calixto. (English version)

Sanctuary North for us is a beautiful place which we look forward every year to go to rest, to enjoy nature, to wake up with the whistling of the birds, to contemplate the stars and the moon in all its splendor at nightfall.
It is a place where we completely forget that another world exists; my whole family enjoyed to the fullest, children play, run bathe in the river.
It is a place where the days are short although they are really long in the summer.

It is the expected place to spend 3 or 4 days in true family union, where we sit at the table at the same time, where we have time to share, laugh and play between adults and children.

Sanctuary North is like a dream we do not want to wake up from.
We only go back to reality when it's time to go back to the world of bustle to follow the daily routine of studying and working and wait another year to dream again.

Carmen & Calixto (Español)

Sanctuary North para nosotros es un hermoso sitio el cual esperamos con ansias cada año para  ir a descansar, a disfrutar de la naturaleza,  a despertar con el silbido de los pájaros,   a contemplar las estrellas y la luna en todo su esplendor al  anochecer. 

Es  un sitio donde por completo nos olvidamos que existe otro mundo;  mi familia completa disfrutamos al máximo, los niños juegan, corren se bañan en el rio.

Es un lugar donde  los días son cortos a pesar que en realidad son largos en el verano. Es el sitio esperado para pasar 3 o 4 días en verdadera unión familiar, donde nos sentamos a la mesa al mismo tiempo, donde tenemos tiempo para compartir, reír y jugar entre adultos y niños.

Sanctuary North es como un sueño del cual no queremos despertar. 

Solo  volvemos a la realidad cuando es la hora de partir de regreso al mundo del bullicio para seguir la rutina diaria de estudiar y trabajar y volver a esperar otro año para volver a soñar.

Irma Romero (English version)

I am fortunate as a team leader to visit SN and show altruism, and the natural beauty of this beautiful country that gave us shelter.

I have been fortunate to share with people from different parts of the world such as: Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, USA, South Africa and my country of origin El Salvador.

We enjoy the privacy of a beautiful property in its entirety, getting in touch with nature, hugging trees, enjoying the water, being able to take a walk.

Sharing food dishes from their countries of origin and knowing a little of their culture and customs through different games and spiritual approach.

Also, introducing them into the Canadian culture of generosity, empathy and social coexistence among other virtues.

Sharing duties and obligations to maintain clean and organized our place, so that more people have the opportunity to enjoy a paradise of nature in northern Ontario.

Irma Romero (Español)

Soy afortunada como lider de equipo para visitar SN y nostrar el altruismo, y la belleza natural que tiene este bello pais que nos dio abrigo.

He tenido la suerte de compartir con personas de diferentes partes del mundo como es: Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, USA, Sud Africa y mi pais de origen El Salvador.

Disfrutamos de la privacidad de una propiedad bella en su totalidad, poniendose en contacto con la naturaleza, abrazando arboles, disfrutar del agua, poder hacer una caminata. 

Compartiendo platos de comida de sus paises de oigen y conocer un poco de su cultura y costumbres a traves de los diferentes juegos y del acercamiento espiritual.

A si como inroducirlos en la cultura canadiense de generocidad, empatia y convivencia social entre otras virtudes.

Compartiendo deberes y obligaciones para poder mantener un lugar limpio y organizado para que mas personas tengan la oportunidad de disfrutar de un paraiso de la naturaleza al norte de Ontario.

Irma Romero

The Martinez Family

Sanctuary North became part of our family in 2008, the moment we got there we fell in love with the place, the colours, the scenery and of course with the hosts!.  We slept in the Bunkie (the small cabin) which has become our little place, our little sanctuary itself.  For us this place is truly a sanctuary (hence the name…no wonder it’s called like that) in that small cabin, it feels like there is nothing to worry about. It’s a safe place, a place where we realize how small we are in this universe and how lucky and blessed we are to be there. 


If Sanctuary North had not come into our lives, we truly believe a totally different story would have been;- hardships, troubles, worries, maybe worst. The girls say that Sanctuary North has let them experienced and discovered all the beauty and peace that nature has to offer.  They feel that when they are at Sanctuary North time goes slower, family gets closer and everything in between disappears”.


Sanctuary North is a beautiful place with wonderful people that has changed our lives in so many ways. Through Sanctuary North we have made new friends, we are creating new and better memories and have been inspired for the compassion, sympathy, empathy and willingness this community offers to families and individuals like us. Sanctuary North has become a place of hope and trust for a better tomorrow.

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