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Our Community

Sanctuary North was made possible, initially, by our founders: a group of people who believed that refugees should experience the feeling of leaving the city for the cottage, eating together, and breathing in nature. Today, we rely on the generous support of our donors: both individuals and groups, donating money, time, energy, and materials. 


A committed team of volunteers helps maintain both Sanctuary North itself, and the organisation behind it. A small board ensures the longevity and smooth running of Sanctuary North. Finally, the work of leading the trips themselves is done by members of the host organisations, and it is these organisations that breathe life into Sanctuary North. 


While we can’t acknowledge all of our generous contributors here, we would like to offer a special thank-you to Al Zikovitz and the amazing team at Cottage Life.  Cottage Life have donated to Sanctuary North in numerous ways, including providing the design and the skilled construction crews for various projects - building a bunkie with Sanctuary North volunteers and, in 2017, extending and renovating the front porch of the cottage.


We’d also like to thank the late Sheila Connell and the Connell family, whose generosity allowed for the substantial renovation of the main cottage in 2021. ​


Some of our supporters and host organisations are listed below. If you would like to get involved with Sanctuary North, in any capacity, please contact us.

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