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Our Philosophy

Sanctuary North is a gift that is meant to be shared.  It is a lovely piece of land given to us by God and made possible through the generous donation of many people and groups, most specifically the Church of the Holy Trinity of Toronto, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peterborough, the R.S. McLaughlin Foundation and the Rotary Club of Toronto.  It belongs to no one and to everyone who comes here. Here we are all guests of God and the earth and one another. It is a place where all living things, and especially human beings, are valued and protected. It is a place where all that is holy.


In this place we are no longer refugees or immigrants or Canadians.   Here we are all citizens of the earth. At Sanctuary North we are building a community with God, the earth and one another.


Here all living beings are part of our community of care and concern.  Welcome is our way of being at Sanctuary North. We treat the earth with reverence.  We treat each other with respect. All cultures, races and ages are welcome here. All differences are respected and valued.


At Sanctuary North we all receive the gifts of this beautiful place and we all contribute the gifts which we have – our work, our time, our money – to make Sanctuary North a place of communion and community.

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